Saturday, May 17, 2014

You have to cheer the only Canadian NHL team.........

As a Leafs fan for thirty eight long years I grew up disliking The Montreal Canadiens and enjoy the rivalries I have formed with friends & family who cheer them on. When Montreal was the only Canadian team to make the playoffs this year just about everyone I talked to said "I"m cheering for Montreal as they're the only Canadian team in the playoffs"

Some might say I'm just "A Disgruntled Leafs Fan" but that's not the case at all. I will cheer on any other team aside from Montreal, Vancouver or Ottawa. (The Oilers, Flames & Jets are alright in my books)

The thing I heard the most is "Don't you want the Stanley Cup back in Canada"

Out of the four teams left in the NHL Playoffs The Los Angeles Kings have the most "Canadian" players so if they were to win the cup The Stanley Cup would have the most visits back to Canada with the players when they get their day with the cup.

Canadians on four remaining teams :
Los Angeles 15
New York Rangers 13
Montreal Canadiens 13
Chicago Blackhawks 9

Someone told me it was "Un-Canadian" & "Un-Patriotic" NOT to cheer for the Habs, well this is the biggest pile of crap I've ever heard in my life. I wear my Team Canada jersey & cheer for Team Canada at the Olympics, World Championships & World Juniors. Part of me even felt a little guilty for cheering Carey Price at the Olympics but as soon as the gold medal was handed out it was back to cheering against him.

"It's Canada Vs USA" No........ No it's not it's the NHL

Do you REALLY think that if it was the Toronto Maple Leafs Vs The New York Rangers Habs fans would be cheering the Leafs? Montreal would root for Toronto like I’d root for a global outbreak of the bird flu.

When Vancouver was in the finals a few years ago Vs. Boston I'm sure everyone in Montreal was cheering them on....... Not likely. They want to be the first team to "Bring the cup back to Canada" and were probalby cheering against the Canucks like the rest of Canada outside of B.C.

Would Boston Red Sox fans cheer on the Yankees if they were playing the Blue Jays in the semi finals? Would all of the USA cheer on the Miami Heat if they were playing the Raptors in the finals? I doubt it.

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