Thursday, June 26, 2014

My Anytime Fitness YYC 90 Day Challenge post

In 1994 I was involved in a stabbing by three guys and had 11 wounds on my body. Two of which were very sever on my upper left leg and as a result of this happening to me I was unable to move for almost three months. I put on a lot of weight most of which I've never been able to lose until now. My muscle in my left leg was severed and suffered severe nerve damage in my thigh as well. For many years I used it as an excuse to be lazy and couldn't even walk 1km without having severe cramps or having pain from it.

A few years ago I met a Canadian soldier who had lost both his legs in Afghanistan after stepping on a IED and this man never quit. He started his rehab and I first heard of him when I saw that he was RUNNING a 10km run on prosthetic legs. I had no more excuses.

After trying several challenges and failing in the past I finally had enough.

Last Sept I set out on a person mission to try and get healthy and I promised myself to donate 1lb of food to the Calgary food bank for every lb I lose in 365 days. I had been doing great and losing weight and then I heard about the 90 day challenge from Anytime fitness.

This lit a fire under me because I had also found out that my lovely lady and I were going to be having our first child. As If I needed any extra motivation this news made me push very hard during the 90 days.

In total I have lost 85lbs now (40 since the 90 day challenge started)I go to the gym five times a week now religiously and really starting to see results. The staff at anytime fitness are very friendly and supportive and have helped me a lot stay on track.

The money from this challenge would help me and my soon to be wife out so much with this new child coming along. I would also use it to buy 100lbs of food as I KNOW I am going to hit the 100lb mark by August 31st.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Calgary Transit - High Five Guy

Yesterday was just a normal Friday in Calgary and on the way home from work on the C-Train I saw something happen that was awesome & we need lots more of in this country.  Something that made people smile, laugh & actually look up from their smart phones for ten seconds.

It started at Marlborough Station when a guy got on the train and announced the following

“Ladies & Gentleman on this train could I have your attention please” ......... 

People started thumbing through their pockets & purses thinking it was a Calgary Transit officer looking for transfers & proof of payment.

This was followed up by

First of all let me tell you that I am not sick, you will not catch anything from me  but I am however going to high five every person on this train that will let me.  You do not have to high five me back but I will try & if you choose not to I hope you have an awesome weekend anyway and try to smile”

For the thirty seconds it took for people to hear this announcement no one was looking at their phones, people were smiling & laughing about it with each other.

The guy came by me I gave him a high five and told him what he was doing was so simple but awesome.
He said “Just trying to make people smile & I have two more cars to do so I have to go”

It’s little things like this that make our city so awesome. 

High Five.................