Friday, February 28, 2014

Blocking Bunnies Funky Ferrets & The Chatty Chihuahua's

As someone that takes Calgary Transit just about every day here of some of the things I've noticed that just make me shake my head.  I don't think stopping the things on the below list would be too much to ask for anyone with an ounce of respect for another person.

THE DOOR CRASHERS : These are the people you see that try to flood on to the C-Train without allowing other people to get off first.  I mean really the seats are't going anywhere especially if it's a stop where a lot of people leave the train.

You usually see this person hanging out the door to hold the doors open for his sprinting friend or wife or whatever the case is.  This person usually makes the "Please step away from the door" automated lady really angry.  I think after that airs twice the third time should be "Get the **** away from the door this train is trying to leave" but I don't see that happening any time soon but hey a guy can dream right.

CAPTAIN TOO MUCH INFORMATION :  We all know this person who is having a conversation on their phone loud enough for the entire train to hear.  Look we all realize how important you think what you have to see is but the entire train doesn't want to hear about how your ex wife won't let you see your kids even though you send her $300 a month in child support and how you've been sending her your good hard earned money that you could have used to go out with the guys.

THE "I'M GOING TO BE DEAF IN 5 YEARS" PERSON"  We all know that you love your music, that it eases you in to your day or drowns out all the white noise that you hear when riding public transit however not everyone on the train wants to hear your '' Inz, Inz, Inz, Inz"  The funniest thing I have ever heard riding Calgary Transit was on a very crowded 301 express bus into downtown.  There was a young guy listening to his Dubstep music so loud that every person on the train could hear it so the driver stops the bus and goes back to this guy and says "Listen, not everyone wants to hear the pleasant sounds of Transformers having sex so turn it down or you can get off the bus" I wanted to go up and shake this guys hand but I was too busy laughing my a$$ off to do so.  Dear Calgary Transit driver you are my new hero.

THE GROOMER :   I mean ok I get it maybe you were late leaving for work and have a few items to tend to but I'm not going to lie one day while riding the C-Train I saw a guy take his socks off and hall out the toe nail clippers.  Now I thought I had seen it all but he was letting his toe nails fly everywhere on the train without a second thought.  I mean reallly WTF?  Please people do your "Grooming" before you leave the house.

As per the photo on the left can we PLEASE wait to get home to pop our friends pimples? Yeah that would be great

HAVE YOU MET MY FRIEND THE BACK PACK?  You see these people too often with a giant back pack filled with who knows what who either feel their friend "the Backpack" deserves their own seat even when the train or bus is filled with people.  My suggestion to these people take it off, sit it at your feet and be considerate of others.

THE "I THINK I'M IN MY LIVING ROOM" PERSON :  We've all seen this guy and this one should be a no brainer but something you see way to often on public transit. 

THE STROLLER HATERS : I mean really....... if you see a stroller about to come on the bus or train and you have a prime seat please get up and move to the back.  I would say about 50% of the time these seats are vacated and people move to the back but the other 50% of the time the driver has to turn around and ask people to move out of the seats in the front.   This also applies to vacating the seats in the front if you see a person with limited mobility getting on or an elderly person.  Just move to the back already......

SOAP PHOBIA : This is more of a problem in the summer time than the winter but if you're going to be on a crowded public transit system showering once a day would be awesome.  It's bad enough being sardined with a few hundred people.  Mix in a +30 temperature after a long days work (Or gym work out) and that can become very unpleasant for everyone.

WE DON'T WANT YOUR FLU : This one is a no brainer if you have to sneeze or cough please cover your mouth before infecting everyone on the train with you.

Kudo's to Calgary Transit for the signs that day don't be a "Blocking Bunny" but here are some that they've missed : 

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