Thursday, January 15, 2015

Timmies Thursdays

After my incident in 1994 where I had my life saved by two off duty first responders I would randomly drop of a tin of Tim Hortons coffee to fire halls & Police stations in the Ottawa area.

Fast forward to 2007 & I heard that they had opened a Tim Hortons in Afghanistan so I started "Tim Hortons For Our Troops" which was responsible for sending over $200,000 in free coffee to military serving in Afghanistan.

In June 2013 I organized #YYCCOffeeRun which was a low key effort to bring Tim HOrtons coffee to first responders in Calgary & High River to say thank you for all the amazing work they did after the Calgary floods.

Several Calgary Business donated gift cards, people brought their own gift cards to give out and we ended up handing out over $4000 in coffee to first responders & people affected by the floods in one day.

It was a small scale event and a few companies offered to donate their company vehicles to help deliver it but I declined as I didn't want it turning in to a publicity kind of thing.

Now that I'm semi-retired from all things @Thankasoldier I have decided that every Thursday I pay for the person behind me in line at Tim Hortons and call it #TimmiesThursday.

It would be really call if this caught on and at least once a week we could make someone's day with a simple jesture.

If you take part no need to post specific info but tweet out the following.

I just purchased a @TimHortons for the person behind me for #TimmiesThursday

Help spread the word

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