Sunday, March 2, 2014

The world needs more people like this

As someone that takes Calgary Transit to work every day I see a lot of things some good, some bad and some amazing such as the story I’m about to talk about.

There’s a gentleman on the bus every morning who is “Special Needs” and he sits in the same spot every day by the back door. Every person that passes him he says “Good Morning, How are you” to them and he’s usually given a strange look or ignored. This doesn't matter to him as when they get off the bus he says to them “Well then, have a great day and remember to smile”

Something so simple yet not even noticed by 99% of the people passing him on the bus.

Every day I pass him I say back to him “How’s it going” and give him a head nod and when I get off the bus I respond to him with a “Same to you”

Last Friday I decided to sit next to him and he seemed shocked. I started a conversation with him and asked him “So just curious as to what makes you want to say hello and good bye to every person that gets on and off this bus” he says “I just like to make peoples day and if I can make someone smile or laugh then I have done my job”

I got off the bus gave him a fist pump and told him to keep up the good work.

Every day that I get on the bus now he greets me with a “Hello Mr Big Guy” and gives me a fist pump and a “have a great day” when I get off the bus. I had won a free coffee on Roll Up The Rim and decided to give it to him a few days ago and it was as if I had just given him a brand new car. He said “I’m going to get this as SOON as I get off this bus, Thank You so much”

On another occasion it was a chilly -40 and there was an older gentleman sitting at the front of the bus. Every person who got off the bus that night got a “Make sure you stay warm and have a great night” so simple yet most people who weren't too busy looking at their phones or had their ear buds in smiled and nodded back.

The world needs more people like these two guys.

As someone who was raised on the East coast it doesn't matter where I am in the world when I pass someone on the sidewalk I say “Hello” or “How’s it goin” even if they look at me like I have ten heads it doesn't matter to me.

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