Thursday, February 5, 2015

My new birthday

This year I'm going to be starting a new tradition of celebrating my 2nd chance in life in what I'm going to refer to as my "Life Day"

On March 28th, 1994 I was involved in an altercation outside of Bayshore Shopping Centre in Ottawa, Ontario and Stabbed thirteen times.  I came very close to dying that night when one of the knife wounds missed my heart by half an inch.

I feel I have made the most of my life since then by always paying it forward and by starting "Timmies for Troops" in 2007.

A lot of people have asked since reading my "Bell Lets Talk Day" PTSD post what happened to the guys that did this to me.  The charges started as attempted murder then downgrade to aggravated assaults and last I heard two of them went to jail for five years.

It's time for me to bring closure to this now that I have my PTSD from this under control and a different outlook.

Every year on March 28th, I'm going to treat it like a second birthday.  I plan to randomly bring coffee & treats to fire halls & EMS here in Calgary as if it wasn't for them I would be in a wheel chair with one leg and who knows I might not even be here to type this blog.

I am currently searching for the first responders who helped saved my life on this blog "Can You Help me find the first responders who saved my life" 

If I could hope anyone reading this can take away something from this write up it's to cherish every moment you have with your loved ones as you never know when your time might be up.  I was lucky enough to get a second chance in life and going to make the most out of it.

Dave Murphy
Calgary, AB

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Here are two news articles from the days following the event.

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